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Coverage Opinions

Our attorneys have decades of experience reviewing and advising clients on various coverage issues. We continually monitor and assess the latest case law interpreting insurance coverage.  With evaluations and recommendations from our attorneys, insurers have confidence that they are making the correct coverage decisions.

First Party Property Defense

When disagreements arise during the claims process, our attorneys provide efficient and effective representation of insurers to defend lawsuits, defend damage calculations at appraisal and reference proceedings, and defend claims of bad faith.  Our attorneys are skilled in presenting cases at jury and bench trials when necessary.  We have presented and argued numerous coverage cases before trial and appellate courts in defense of first-party property claims.

Third Party Liability Defense

Our attorneys provide zealous representation of insurers and their policyholders in defense of lawsuits brought by third parties.  We provide our clients with a transparent litigation strategy to bring about the best possible resolution, but to also ensure that clients understand the services for which they are paying.  Our attorneys defend property owners and business owners in a variety of cases, including fires, mold exposure, animal claims, slips and falls, wrongful death, and a variety of other casualty losses.

Subrogation Recovery

Following a loss, our attorneys thoroughly investigate potential opportunities to recover claim payments from responsible parties and mitigate our clients’ losses.  Through early retention, we direct investigations, coordinate experts and ensure preservation of evidence.  Handling cases valued from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar losses, our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

Special Investigations

When concerns arise during a claim investigation, our attorneys conduct examinations under oath, seek documents relevant to the claim and assist our clients to direct other investigative efforts in order to investigate and detect possible insurance fraud.

Professional Liability Defense of Insurance Adjusters

As knowledgeable practitioners in insurance coverage and investigations, professional liability insurers and independent insurance adjusters frequently seek out representation from our attorneys.   Our attorneys provide representation on behalf of independent insurance adjusters in defense of extra-contractual, tort and bad faith claims.

General Litigation

Our attorneys regularly handle a variety of other disputes and litigated matters.  Clients trust the efficient and diligent representation provided by our firm to bring about the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time possible.